Bovec is a small mountain pearl of Slovenia and of the Triglav National Park. This pleasant little town, surrounded by high peaks of the Julian Alps, is a paradise for all of you who wish to get away from the quick and busy city scene. The picturesque land of the emerald Soča river hides many remote corners where you will find your peace. But Bovec can offer you much more than just relaxation in unspoilt nature and stunning views. 

Bovec is a Slovene outdoor activity centre. Get charmed by diversity of sports activities and proximity of the mountains, ideal for hiking. By the walks, where wonders of the nature await you at every turn and remains of history that shaped our story. But also by a pleasant lunch at local restaurant with a plate full of Bovec delicacies. Coffee on the vivid Bovec square, which turns into a venue of entertainment events in the evening. And of course by the emerald river Soča. All of this is Bovec. Small enough to feel coasy, but big enough to stay vibrant. 

Bovec is a destination of Slovenian superlatives and natural sights 

  • Boka waterfall, Slovenia's most majestic waterfall, 
  • Triglav (2864 m), Slovenia's highest mountain, 
  • Soča river, Europe's most emerald river, 
  • Krnsko jezero, Slovenia's largest mountain lake, 
  • Kanin-Sella Nevea (2300 m), Slovenia's highest ski resort (closed until further notice), 
  • Vršič mountain pass (1611 m), Slovenia's highest mountain pass, 
  • Mountain road to Mangartsko sedlo, Slovenia's highest mountain road. 


  • Kayaking course or rafting trips on the emerald Soča river, 
  • Walk of Peace from Bovec to the Kluže fort, performance by Društvo 1313, 
  • Tasting Bovec cheese on the Mangart plain and a visit to Mangartsko sedlo, 
  • Flying foxes (Zip Line Park), 
  • Fishing in Lepena, 
  • Hiking on the Soča Trail from Bovec to Trenta, into the heart of the Triglav National Park. The trail is a part of the popular Alpe Adria Trail, 
  • Skiing with a view of the sea on the Kanin-Sella Nevea ski slopes. 

source: LTO Bovec