Registration fee refound

All runners who have already paid the registration fee for "this year's" Bovec marathon and want a refund, we inform you that in the e-mail you send to it is necessary to provide information about the bank account to which you want to get your registration fee back. We do not have access to all the necessary information from the bank statement to make the refound. You can still decide to carry over the registration fee to next year.

Information required to refund the registration fee:

  • name and surname of the account holder
  • * also state the names and surnames of the persons if the registration fee for several persons is returned at the same time
  • address
  • bank account number
  • BIC number of your bank
  • the amount of the paid registration fee

Registration fees will be refunded twice a month or when more than 10 requests for refunds of registration fees are collected.

Thank you for your understanding!